Where would we be without Charles Darwin? Darwin, while at the centre of the creationist/evolutionist argument was a great man, prepared to set aside his own religious beliefs, not in favour of something new/different/better, but because of the dictate of logic.

While he couldn’t comprehend the rise of genetics some 100 years after his discoveries and theories at the Galapagos islands, he really provided all the ground work for genetics, the eugenics movement, and a re-assessment of the movement of land masses, the way the world was and now is, and allowed a platform for palaentologists.

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  1. Stick to maize, PJ, it's got less scientific concerns - I think you worry too much.

    Anyhoo, I've been wasting my time with my site and you know what, it just makes me want to hit the slopes more - the web isn't my thing.

    But you just keep on going.


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